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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Data export - all CSV files available

RealEye enables an option to download your study results in the form of CSV files.

There are a few types available, split into a few categories:

You can also download raw data CSV filtered by the item quality or do the same for the Fixations and AOI related CSV files. There is also a way to download CSV files with a custom set minimum fixation filters.

If the files are too big and you see a timeout while downloading the CSV file, you can add the following variables in the same way that filters mentioned above are added:

  • itemsLimit - number of items to include in a single download,
  • itemsOffset - number of the item, that the download should start from.

Those two parameters allow to divide a file into smaller parts to avoid timeout.

NOTE: You can set filters while being on the heatmap dashboard and click "download" from the menu above the heatmap - all CSV files downloaded this way will have all the heatmap and fixation filters applied.


If you are using Libre Office, choose to split columns by comma (not a semicolon, which is set by default).

There is also a Drop-rate CSV file available for all your studies.