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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

CSV file: AOI Metrics per participant

CSV file containing all metrics from the Heatmap Analyzer. TTFF, Time spent and more. Both for metrics based on fixations and gazes.

What does the "AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file contain?

"AOI Metrics per participant" CSV contains all metrics from Heatmap Analyzer (stimuli heatmap).

Eye-tracking and attention metrics are described in the "What is AOI?" article.

How to download the "AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file?

"AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file, for all study stimuli, is available on the Study -> Results tab.

"AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file, for a single study stimulus, is available on stimulus Heatmap page.

When exporting data from the Heatmap page, it's possible to export it for filtered panelists.

NOTE: Exported CSV file will be empty if there are no saved AOIs.

What is the "AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file format?

"AOI Metrics per participant" CSV file contains the following columns:

  • string study_id - UUID,

  • string item_id - UUID,

  • string item_filename - the name of your file, as it was named while adding to the study,

  • string item_cdn_url - URL to the tested item saved on our servers,

  • string item_test_id - UUID (id for a given item for a given participant),

  • string participant_id - UUID,

  • string participant_external_id - UUID (in case you provide one by connecting your study with an external tool, i.e., a survey),

  • string participant_display_name - a name that a participant gives while asked about a name, gender, and age at the end of the study (if you have chosen that option), i.e., "Anna, Female, 27",

  • string participant_tags - tags assigned to a participant (added by the study owner),

  • string participant_device - type of device a participant used during the study (desktop / smartphone / tablet),

  • int participant_quality_grade - participant's overall data quality grade. From 1 to 6, where 1 means "very low", up to 6 meaning "perfect".

  • int participant_quality_grade_item - participant's data quality grade for this stimulus. From 1 to 6, where 1 means "very low", up to 6 meaning "perfect".

  • int test_item_display_order - a number indicating the order in which the items were displayed,

  • int exposure_number - (useful for Live Website and Website Mockup type of studies) indicates the time the participant saw an item, i.e., 1 means that the participant saw this item for the first time,

  • string aoi_id - UUID,

  • string aoi_name - name of the AOI,

  • float fixation_point_x - the x coordinate of fixation expressed as a percentage of the displayed item size,

  • float fixation_point_y - the y coordinate of fixation expressed as a percentage of the displayed item size,

  • int fixation_starts_at_ms - when the fixation appeared (counting from the beginning of displaying the item),

  • int fixation_ends_at_ms - when the fixation disappeared (counting from the beginning of displaying the item),

  • int fixation_duration_ms - for how long lasted the fixation,

  • int aoi_gaze_total_count

  • int aoi_gaze_time_to_first_gaze_at_ms

  • int aoi_gaze_total_time_spent_ms

  • float aoi_gaze_participant_ratio_percents

  • int aoi_visit_total_count

  • int aoi_revisit_total_count

  • int aoi_revisit_average_count

  • int aoi_click_total_count

  • int aoi_click_time_to_first_click_ms

  • float aoi_attention

  • string external_data_*- all the external variables assigned to the participant (if applicable),

  • notes: RealEye version, fixation filter settings [gazepoint interpolation (Hz) - to improve calculations we interpolate the data to 60 Hz; gazepoint interpolation max gap (ms) - we interpolate data if the timestamp gap between two input values is not bigger than this value (50 ms); gaze velocity threshold; min. fixation duration (Ms); max. fixation duration (Ms); moving median range (Ms); saccade max duration (Ms)]; TestCriteria - data was downloaded for participants [age=min:max, isGenderMale={true/false}, isGenderFemale={true/false}, isGenderOther={true/false}, isGenderNotSpecified={true/false}, qualityMin={from1 to 6}, qualityMax={from 1 to 6}, tags={tag1},{tag2},..., keys=KEY{anykey}, isParticipantTypeRealEye={true/false}, isParticipantTypeNonRealEye={true/false}], timestamp of when the file was downloaded.

See the CSV file for the sample study:

API: https://www.realeye.io/docs/api/#fixations-data-export