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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Downloading raw data CSV filtered by the item quality grade

You can download the following CSV files:

  • Raw Gazes
  • Raw Gazes denoised
  • Raw Gazes Denoised, Normalized and Split

filtered by the item quality grade. This means that you can download the data only for items with a certain quality, i.e., 5 (Very good).

NOTE: filtering is based on the items' grades, not the participants'.

To download filtered data, you need to click "Export Data" on your study dashboard, choose one of the Raw Gazes CSV files that you need, right-click on it and copy the link:

Paste the link in a new tab (without opening it yet). For the Raw Gazes and the Raw Gazes Denoised CSV, add "/?testerQualityGradeItemMin=X" (where X is the quality grade from 1 to 6), so i.e., for a minimum very good grades:


is now


As a result, you'll receive a file like this (all the item grades are very good or perfect, while participants' grades can be lower):

In case you'd like to download the CSV file "Raw Gazes Denoised, Normalized and Split" you need to add "&testerQualityGradeItemMin=X" at the end of the copied link, so:


will be


NOTE: You can set filters (including the quality grade) while being on the heatmap dashboard and click "download" from the menu above the heatmap - all CSV files downloaded this way will have all the filters applied.