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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Drop-rate CSV

How to download the drop-rate statistics for your studies

There is one more type of CSV file, among others, but this one isn't eye-tracking data related, but participants drop-rate (how many participants weren't able to complete the study successfully), and it applies to all studies.

On your dashboard, in the "Studies" tab, in the column with the number of participants, you can see a button to download such data (for all types of studies - drafts, running, and finished - within the same file).

The CSV file contains the following columns:

  • study_id - UUID,
  • study_name - how the study was named,
  • study_status - draft, running or finished (status set while downloading the file),
  • drop_rate_started - how many participants click the participation link to start the eye-tracking test,
  • drop_rate_webcam_access_granted - how many participants allowed webcam access,
  • drop_rate_face_detected - for how many participants faces were detected,
  • drop_rate_calibration_verification_passed - how many of the participants passed the verification of calibration (looking at dots after clicking on them),
  • drop_rate_result_stored - for how many participants results were saved successfully,
  • notes - RealEye version and the date of download.

There's also an option to pass additional parameters to drop-rate CSV export - the time period for which the participant results (logs) were saved. To do so, please right-click on the "DROP-RATE CSV" button and choose the "copy the link address" option from the menu:

Then simply add: "dateFrom" and/or "dateTo" to the link, i.e., a link:


with the time range added, it would look like this:


The +0000 is a UTC timezone signature, but you may use any other.

API: https://www.realeye.io/docs/api/#studies---drop-rate-export