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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

How to run test with specified items and how to group items

Running test with specified items only

If you want to run one study with several images but at the same time, you want each participant to see only some of them, you need to modify the study participation link.

For example, if the items' filenames are:

  • shelf1.jpg
  • shelf2.jpg
  • logo.jpg
  • product 1.jpg
  • product 2.jpg
  • product 3.jpg
  • product 4.jpg

and you want a participant to see only the items: shelf1, product 2, and product 4 (in this order), you need to make the study participation link https://www.realeye.io/test/bfb64711-bb9d-41fd-9e99-1e3ad71b53c1/run include that information in the following way:



  • each item is attached by adding realeye-test-items[filenames][X]=item_filename, where X indicates the order in which the item is being displayed,
  • item filename includes .jpg or .png (depending on the file format),
  • if the file name contains space (i.e., "product 1"), then put the name with space in the link (it will be replaced with "%20") or replace each space with "%20",
  • it's recommended for item filenames to include only letters, numbers, and underscores ( the "_" sign), otherwise, like with the space, you need to encode other signs (i.e., using an online encoding tool),
  • the test will contain only the items given in the URL (and in the exact order given), regardless of the study settings (randomize items, pin item).

Grouping items

Method 1: changing the URL

Moreover, there is an option to display items in randomizable groups by adding the following parameter (JSON array):


so the link will be:


The item display will be:

  • first, show items "shelf1.jpg" and "shelf2.jpg" in random order,
  • second, show the "logo.jpg" item,
  • third, show items "product1.jpg", "product2.jpg", "product3.jpg" and "product4.jpg" in random order.

Method 2: adding groups while creating the study

Grouping items can also be done in a simpler way - by using the "add group" option while creating the study:

  1. Upload all items that you want to include in the study.
  2. Add items group.
  3. Drag and drop in the group field (blue rectangle) the already uploaded items that you want to be in one group.
  4. Pin items or groups if necessary (pinned item/group will be displayed in the exact place, i.e., as the first item in the group or last item in the whole study; unpinned items/groups will be displayed in random order if this option is checked in the study settings).
  5. Check the study flow (the best way to do so is to run a study preview).

Remember to set item settings - it can be done at any of the above stages.

As a result, you'll get:

See a video of how to group items:

NOTE: There's also an option to display one item from a group. With this option enabled, each study participant will see only one image/video from the given group (selected randomly). This feature is excellent for A/B/C tests where you don't want the panelists to see all the versions.