Learn how to use RealEye.io - webcam eye-tracking platform.

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

How to get accurate results?

Simple tricks to get the highest quality results from webcam eye-tracker.

To get the best webcam eye-tracking results, please follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Webcam MUST be mounted on a screen that displays stimuli. Webcam image MUST be very steady - make sure the whole setup does not shake, eg. do not keep laptop on your knees.
  2. Panelist MUST sit in front of the webcam. Webcam SHOULD be slightly below panelist's eye level.
  3. Panelist's face SHOULD be in good lightning. The lightning SHOULD NOT change during the whole test. There MUST be only one face catched by the webcam.
  4. Panelist's eyes MUST be clearly visible in webcam video. Panelist's face size SHOULD be at least 1/3 of webcam picture. We recommend panelist NOT TO wear glasses if possible. Glasses MUST NOT limit pupils visibility for the webcam.
  5. Panelist SHOULD sit comfortably and SHOULD try to keep head still. It is highly recommended to use a chair with head rest - Panelist should rest her/his head. Otherwise Panelist could support his/her head on his/her arm.
  6. Make sure hardware and software requirements are met.

What accuracy can you get with the right setup?

In average you should expect around 100 px precision.

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