Learn how to use RealEye.io - distributed webcam eye-tracking platform.

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Webcam Eye-tracking Hardware and Software Requirements

Find out what kind of equipment you need to use webcam eye-tracking.


PC/Laptop/Mac(Book) with a webcam and Chrome/Edge/Firefox.

RealEye System Requirements

Recommended Setup

This kind of setup provides the best eye-tracking data:

  • The eye-tracking sampling rate of at least 30 Hz, up to 60 Hz.
  • The best accuracy and precision thanks to fast face landmark detection.

Recommended Participant Hardware and Software:

  1. 1080p @ 30FPS or 720p @ 60 FPS webcam, with good quality image.
  2. Updated Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. Firefox is highly NOT recommended.
  3. Updated Windows 10 or macOS X.
  4. 4-core Intel processor, 3 GHz or faster, 5th gen. or later.
  5. If using a laptop then it MUST be plugged into the power cord.
  6. 8 GB of RAM with at least 4 GB of memory available (not used).
  7. DirectX 12 graphics card with updated drivers. Integrated Intel Graphics (gen. 5 or later) is fast enough.

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Minimum Setup

This kind of setup lets collecting eye-tracking data but:

  • The eye-tracking sampling rate may be below 20 Hz, so RealEye Dashboard will not provide any data for fixations.
  • Accuracy and precision may be significantly lower because of slow face landmark detection.

Minimal Hardware and Software Requirements

  1. 640x480p @ 15 FPS webcam, with poor quality image.
  2. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Windows 7/10, MacOS X, Linux (eg. Ubuntu).
  4. At least 0.5 GB of RAM memory available.
  5. Min. resolution 1024x600 px.

Additional Notes

  1. It's recommended to make sure other software is not consuming CPU or RAM.
  2. Live websites and hosted sessions usually require a faster CPU than images or video-type studies.
  3. Firefox is highly NOT recommended because it does not support hardware acceleration.