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Adam Cellary
Written by Adam Cellary

RealEye Panelists

All you need to know about RealEye panelists.

RealEye is connected to several different panel providers all around the world. Based on the target, we're choosing the provider which will fit the target needs.

We currently support targets:

  • English speaking - All World
  • English speaking - the US
  • English speaking - Europe
  • Spanish speaking - All World
  • Spanish speaking - Latino America
  • Portuguese speaking - All World
  • Portuguese speaking - Latino America

You can have a more specific request with different targets, eg: "German participants, 30-55 yo. but you'll need to contact us first to see if the target is reachable by one of our panel providers"

When hiring RealEye panelists you Should expect:

  • results within 24 hours;
  • only good quality results (we're taking the offset on us);


  • you can't hire RealEye panelists to "Live Website" study. This is blocked for many reasons but the most important one is the lack of control of the 3rd party websites. RealEye has certain agreements with panel providers and we simply can't control what's happening on the tested websites. As of Feb 25th, 2021, we decided not to provide panelists for this type of study; If you purchased RealEye panelists to test "Live Websites", please contact us to settle the refund;
  • RealEye participants can join studies up to 10 minutes long;
  • RealEye participants can't join the study if "External tool integration" is enabled;