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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

RealEye Licensing (Subscription)

Licensing model description.

Our Standard subscription plans are available here.

Each of them can be bought for a month (with an option to renew it each month) or for a longer time (with one payment). One payment means one license. During the license time, you can create as many studies with as many participants as you like. We don't limit study participants from version 9.0, but the actual participant slots usage. You can freely adjust the participant count at any time (even for a running study). Your current usage is visible all the time, so you know if it's time to enhance your license.

It's also worth noticing that if you buy a license for a few months, you can use participants freely during the license period - counters are not reset each month (as they used to be). Of course, if you have auto-renewal on your subscription, counters are still being reset monthly, as with every renewal, you get a new license (for one month).

Non-used participant slots are not transferred to a new license, but non-used RealEye panelists are. That means you can pre-pay RealEye panelists and use them whenever you want.

Current license participants' usage is always visible on the main dashboard in the top right corner.

Some of our plans include 1-hour training. It's a one-time training (no matter how many months you purchased the license for) for you/your company. If you need more training hours or there are several teams that require a training session, please contact us, as described here: Additional paid services.