Learn how to use RealEye.io - Online Research Platform with Webcam Eye-Tracking

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Import additional information for participants and ignore participants

There's an option to import additional information to already collected results.

Right now, RealEye supports importing:

  • tags.

To batch upload tags, you'll need to prepare a CSV file (comma-separated values) containing columns:

  • (RealEye) panelist ID,
  • tags (separated by semicolon).

Once you're ready, paste the content of a prepared file to the text input and press "Import."

Below is a sample file structure containing two panelists:


You can also ignore several participants at once in a similar way:

This time all you have to provide is a column with participants' IDs that you'd like to ignore:


TIP: to ignore all participants with certain quality grades, download the CSV file, filter results by the grade, and copy/paste the obtain ID column.