Learn how to use RealEye.io - Online Research Platform with Webcam Eye-Tracking

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

How to order participants from Prolific for your RealEye study

  1. Create a RealEye study and run it to get the participation link.

  2. Create a new study on your prolific account.

  3. Name the prolific study - we recommend using "webcam eye-tracking study" in the study name.

  4. In the study description, we recommend a similar message, depending on your study requirements (copy text from this article):

  5. Choose allowed devices (accordingly to your study setup) and remember to mark the "camera" option as required (and audio if you show, i.e., a video ad in your study)

  6. Paste the RealEye study participation link in the "What is the URL of your study" field. Choose how you'd collect the participants' prolific ID (to know who provided what results or if he/she completed the test) - we recommend using the URL parameters: NOTE: If you configure parameters in the way, that you'll change the PROLIFIC_PID to realeye-tester-external_id, you'll see the participants' prolific IDs as an external ID on your study results (you don't have to change other parameters):

  7. Choose to redirect participants using the URL in the "How do you want to confirm participants have completed your study?" field. You'll get a link that you have to set as a "finish URL" in the RealEye study setup (you don't have to change the study back to a draft to do this) - remember to save the changes! NOTE: the "finish URL" option is available for minimum Standard/University plan (it's the "external tool integration" feature). Then, you can choose to approve submissions manually or automatically.

  8. Choose your target sample - number of participants (remember to take into account an offset - i.e., low-quality results), country, and prescreen criteria (if needed).

  9. Set the study length, so how long it will take for your participants, to complete your RealEye study (including calibration and answering your survey questions). Set how much you'd like to pay each participant for participating in your study.

  10. Click the "Publish now" button and start collecting your data!

Here's a nice infographic to help you remember how to connect RealEye study with Prolific:

NOTE: You can also hire RealEye participants instead, so we'll take care of ordering participants from Prolific, so you won't have to concern about the setup and offset (we provide only the best quality results). Read more in this article.