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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

How to analyze heatmaps?

Global heatmaps are visualizations revealing the focus of the visual attention of all testers at a time (aggregated results from all tests, but you can see a heatmap for only one tester). Colors represent the intensity of testers' attention - red (hot) areas are clearly the most visible to your audience. You have to remember, that heatmaps are a reliable source of information if everyone in the test looked similarly. If not it may lead to inaccurate insights. It’s worth remembering during analyzing results. So it’s a rule of thumb to look at all individual heatmaps and filter all outliers (remove them). You can do it by clicking on your study results, choosing from the list on the left tester whose results you don’t like, and clicking Ignore this tester. This will remove data collected from this tester for all items forever from your results (but he still counts as a tester used in the study).

After choosing a particular tester, you can also see his/her data chart.