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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

External variables: age, gender and tags

While creating a study, you can choose to ask your participants about their name, gender, and age at the end of the study (this is not obligatory for anyone):

Checking this option will cause participants to see a mini-survey at the end of the eye-tracking test:

But sometimes you can't ask participants those questions due to your panel provider restrictions - you can't ask for personal data (like age and gender), but you can use the info provided by the panel. In that case, you can use additional variables (like an external Id when you are connecting the study with an external tool).

So, to a participation link:


add variables "realeye-tester-age" (int value) and "realeye-tester-gender" (int value, where 0 - woman, 1- man, 2 - other):


where participant_age and participant_gender are variables provided by the panel to save these variables on your study results:

You can filter your study results by gender and age, thanks to those variables.

Heatmaps can also be analyzed by tags. You can add them manually for each participant on the results page:

or by using an external variable, "realeye-tester-tags" in the participation link. If you want to add several tags, i.e., "valid", "user", and "good", separate them using commas, like in the example below:


You can also import tags from a CSV file.