Learn how to use RealEye.io - distributed webcam eye-tracking platform.

Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

RealEye Testers

RealEye can provide you with as many testers as you want. They all are randomly selected English speaking people from all over the world, but we don’t target them more specific than that (some targets are available, but we need to check it before ordering participants, so please contact us first). It’s also very important that our testers can’t be invited to your external survey. We will not show them your stimuli before the test starts so their interaction will be natural. Don't worry, we don't do laboratory tests in a corrupted environment.

Hiring RealEye participant costs $5 each (no matter the study time or your plan). We will make sure, that you get only the good quality results.


  • we provide you with as many results, as you ordered (we'll take care of the offset and participants with technical issues),
  • we approve only usable results (good quality),
  • you'll receive results within 1 business day.

Possible disadvantages:

  • we can't provide very specific targets (ethnicity, age, etc. is ok, but please contact us before ordering participants, we'll check if we can provide anything more specific)
  • you can't use external tool integration with RealEye participants - so you won't be able to redirect participants to an external survey after the eye-tracking part.