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Beata Lewandowska
Written by Beata Lewandowska

Merging several studies under one participation link

Suppose you have several studies (i.e., different versions of the same test), and you want a similar number of participants to complete each of them. In that case, you can merge all of the participation links into one link, making it easier to integrate those studies with your panel/survey tool.

1. The merging link looks like this: 


In this example, we are merging three studies, but if you want, you can add more studies by adding "&study_ids[]=xxxxxx" for any additional test.

2. Instead of the strings of characters ("aaaaaa", "bbbbbb" and "cccccc", etc.), you need to put studies IDs that you want to merge. You'll find it on your study dashboard:

Let's assume the study Id's are:

Study 1: 2212a69d-713e-4843-af5b-20430004a01a

Study 2: d510361a-bed2-4f38-9155-556a65243b20

Study 3: de4b505c-2972-47ac-b187-f3ab814e6354

the link would look like this:


Each participant that opens that link sees only one of those studies (picked randomly).

4. To this link, you can add variables at the end using the "&", so, i.e.:


In this case, the participant would see one of those studies, and for each of them, the variable "name" with the value "adam" will be passed in the link.

When one of the studies is finished (i.e., because all participants' slots were already taken), it won't be shown to any of the participants - they'll be only redirected to other studies. If all studies are finished, one of them is displayed at random and leads the participant according to the study rules, so either "quota full URL" or it displays information that the study is already closed.