System Calibration

Before the Experiment starts, every user has to Calibrate his camera, so our system can detect eye position with higher precision. Our system precision is about 65px, which allows us to create Heatmaps and Viewmaps

Tester has to allow his browser to use Webcam. Our AI algorithm needs this access so it can detect eye position. RealEye DON'T STORE ANY PICTURES OR RECORDINGS. Those frames are used only to detect eye position on user's browser.

Using webcam to get head and eye position

Calibration is a simple 20-second process where tester has to look precisely at calibration points (target). It's very important that from now on, Tester CAN'T MOVE HIS HEAD. Just eye movement is allowed. Tips to get the maximum precision:

  • Webcam has to be at least 720p resolution
  • Tester's head holds still during entire Experiment
  • Tester can't wear glasses
  • There is no backlight effect (picture below)
  • There in no other visible faces in camera view other than Tester's

Calibration point

Calibration process - target

After calibration, user is redirected to test and results are saved in database with his demographic data (age, sex)