How to Analyze data

There are several useful thing on your Project's Dashboard:

  • Test URL to share with Testers with share triggers
  • Statistics that shows how many Testers did Experiment
  • Project List

You are able to analyze data either by Project (Image), or by Tester.


During Experiment you are able to check results for each Project. You can just click on chosen Project Thumbnail and you'll see combined results and results for each test. Data is presented as a  Heatmap or Viewmap

Sample Heatmap


Each time Tester is finishing Experiment you'll get e-mail notification about new Results. You can see all Projects that were shown during this particular test. Data is presented as a Heatmap or Viewmap

Sample Viewmap

If you decide that single Test is useless, and should not take part in Combined results - you can just simply delete it from your list