Introducing Experiments

Experiment is a easy method to measure your designs. Experiment is a definition of a set of Projects.

Experiment can contain several versions of the similar Design (eg. similar version of poster or commercial) or set of different Projects to test their accuracy. You can run several Experiments at once, they will be visible on your Experiment List:

Each Experiment can have one of 3 statuses:

  • Draft - Your testers can't access this Experiment, You are able to add or delete Project within
  • Running - Your testers can Test Projects within this Experiment. Results will be stored in Database and you will be able to access them immediately. Finish your Experiment when you decide that you have collected enough data.
  • Finished - Your Experiments Archive. Once Experiment is Finished - you can always re-run it or edit and run again

Experiment Dashboard

Here you can access all important information about your Experiment:

  • Test URL to share with Testers
  • Statistics that shows how many Testers did Experiment
  • Project List

You can access each Project and analyze data. Read more about Analizyng data

Read more about Creating your first Experiment