How Eye Tracking Works?

Eye tracking allows you to measure what people actually see on their first interaction with project. Simple Webcam allows us to measure with precision of 65px where user was actually looking. 

Based on data from Artificial Intelligence thought with Neutral Network, our system is able able to detect head position, and then our image recognition algorithms can detect eye position and eye (iris) movements. 

Head and Eye-tracking

Head and eye tracking in RealEye Experiment

This amount of information can be converted into Points of Interest (POI), and then displayed over image within Heatmaps or Viewmaps.

Sample Heatmap

Sample Heatmap used to analyze data

Sample Viewmap

Sample Viewmap - shows which parts of image user actually saw

Your Projects will be automatically converted into Viewmaps and Heatmap after each Experiment and you'll gain i mmediate access to results.

Real more about eye-tracking in Wikipedia